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Ridiculously Crazy Challenges + Betting On Who Will Lose + Screwing Over Your Friends = GREATEST PARTY GAME EVER

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Why You’ll Love This Game.  Let’s face it, most “party games” make the party lame.  Even those that are fun at first have the appeal of warm cottage cheese after just a few games.  Well my friend, that is all about to change.  We designed a game that actually enhances social situations.  Players don’t have to pay attention if they don’t want to and even those who aren’t playing the game can be part of the action.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll curse your friends for being such weirdos.  It’s safe to say that Don’t Be a Loser is totally unlike any game you’ve ever played.


Basic Gameplay.  Players take turns rolling the special 10-sided die to determine who they’ll face-off against in a 1-on-1 challenge.  There are 26 different types of challenges, each of which is highly interactive and provides large doses of entertainment value for all.  After the challenge type is read aloud all players who aren’t competing get to bet on who they think will win the challenge.  Monkey business, horse play and all around insanity ensues.  This game creates hysterical moments that you’ll talk about for days.


The Goal of the Game.  The goal of the game is simple: to become the Big Winner, but more importantly, to NOT be the Big Loser.  Players all start in the middle of the board.  As you win challenges and bets you move right toward the Big Winner square.  As you lose you move backward toward the Big Loser square.  The game ends when a player proves themselves to be the most pathetic by reaching the Big Loser square.  Whoever is in the lead instantly becomes the Big Winner.  Easy peasy.

The Exciting Twist.  Before the game begins players decide on a penalty that the Big Loser has to pay at the end of the game.  Depending on how sick and twisted your friends are this can get interesting.  The Big Loser might have to do something simple like wash the dishes or maybe sing a silly song about how grand of a loser they are.  If this seems a little tame (lame) than feel free to go nuts with this, it’s your call.  Not to worry if you don’t happen to be a particularly creative bunch, we provide 100+ penalty ideas of varying ridiculousness.

Freely Float in and Out. Don’t Be a Loser is ideal for parties and highly social situations. Let’s face it, your goofball friends and family members have short attention spans. Put a few drinks in you (or too much sugar) and it gets even worse. We designed the game so that if someone gets up from the table it doesn’t stop everyone else from continuing gameplay. We don’t think a bathroom break should ruin a good time.

Never-Ending Smack Talk. Think you’re smarter and more talented than your friends? Well, it’s time to prove it. Imagine for a second sitting at a table with all your favorite friends or family members. No matter who you must randomly face-off against in a head-to-head challenge, it is guaranteed to be a battle to the death. Now add in the fact that all the other players bet on who they believe will win the challenge. Friends betting against friends, family betting against family, and husbands betting against wives (only if they’re willing to risk sleeping on the couch). It gets real.

Screwing Over Your Friends. 
This isn’t the kind of game where you sorta screw over your friends.  Nope, we made it deliberate by putting a screw symbol right on the die.  Whenever you roll the screw you get to make any other player move back a space and then you get to roll the die again.  It feels good.  Really, really good.

Enhances Party Environments.  Most other games segregate parties into two groups: those playing the game and those that are not.  This is a major buzz kill.  Don’t Be a Loser on the other hand does quite the opposite.  Players can pay attention as they wish (usually to laugh at each other) and everyone in the house gets to share in the fun even if they’re not playing.  In fact, some challenges even allow non-players to vote on who they believe wins a contest.  Every game, every time, good times are had by all.

Optional “Shenanigans” Expansion.  Are you and your friends just a little unusual?  Do you get a kick out of stuff that normal people would be weirded out by?  Well then Captain Crackpot, we’ve got the goods for you.  While the regular game is slightly edgy, we kept it completely PG so that it can be enjoyed by ages 13 and up.  The optional Shenanigans version on the other hand is not for the faint of heart and is recommended for 21 and up.

Why Get the Expansion. So, is the Shenanigans expansion worth the extra few bucks?  You better believe it.  If you hang with a group of people who aren’t easily offended then it is a complete no-brainer.  When added to the normal game things are guaranteed to get more than a little bananas.  Oh yeah, we also give you blank cards so you can add your own challenges.  Be creative, be ridiculous, be glad you ordered the expansion pack.  You’ll laugh so hard you might pee a little.

Serious Street Cred.  When you show up to the party with a cool new game you’ll be the hero of the night.  This is your chance to be one of the first in the world to own a game we believe is destined to be a smash hit.  All the cool kids are doing it.  Heck, even if the game flops after this Kickstarter campaign you’ll have a collectors edition.  What we can guarantee is that you’ll feel good about helping us make this dream a reality.  Together we’re bringing people together to have fun and share laughs.  Good goin’.  🙂

Instant Gratification.  We know you’re itching to play, so we’re gonna scratch your itch.  When you back us by ordering a copy of the game today we will also send you a print-and-play copy of the game so you can play right away.  Expect to get the print and play version within a day or two.  You and your friends will be playing the game and tormenting one another faster than you can say “pass the spam”.

Free Shipping in the US. When you back the project you’ll get a copy of the game sent to your front door and shipping won’t cost you a dime if you live in the good ole’ U.S. of A. If you don’t, well then we do apologize. We tried hard to come up with a reasonable solution to ship elsewhere, but unfortunately our small operation just couldn’t pull it off. If you aren’t in the US it will cost you $25 extra to ship (crazy we know, so sorry!) Canadians only have to pay an extra $10. Not too bad, eh?

Proven and Tested. Don’t Be a Loser is play tested, mother approved (well, assuming you have a cool mom). The game has been continually improved and perfected for over 2 years and we think we’ve nailed it. The game has been demonstrated at several large board game conventions and the feedback we’ve gotten from gamers and industry folk has been nothing short of stupendous. You’ll be surprised at how people let loose and release their inner-child when playing this game. This is a rare game that is enjoyed by gamers and non-gamers alike.

We’ll Deliver Quickly. We know what it’s like to wait around forever to get your Kickstarter stuff, we back a lot of projects ourselves. Rest assured that we won’t keep you waiting long. The game is done, the art is done, the printer is contracted and we know what we’re doing. All we need is the financial support from fine people like you and we will get this game manufactured and shipped lickedy split. In the mean time, you’ll have the print-and-play version to tide you over. Step 1: order the game. Step 2: print the game. Step 3: play the game.

Prove Your Awesomeness.  Look, we don’t know much about much, but we do know one thing: this game is a lot of freakin’ fun.  It provides never-ending opportunities to laugh and poke fun at your friends, but more importantly, to show them once and for all that you are indeed the Big Winner.  Think you got what it takes?  You’ll never know unless you back this project.  Without your support this may be the last time you ever get this opportunity.  We believe in you and we hope you believe in us too.

Don’t Be a Loser.  This is the moment of truth.  You’ve read this far, either because you get a kick out of how delightfully tacky this letter is, or because you really like the concept of the game.  While we hope it is the latter, we’ll make a plea for help either way.  You see, this is our passion, it is what we love.  We want to bring people together to have fun.  We want to help families become closer.  We want new friendships to be forged.  To do all that we need good people like you to give us a chance.  So what do you say?  Give it a shot, you’ll thank yourself later.

Thanks for the support and we’ll make sure to keep in touch!