About Us

All Over the Board Games is a tabletop game design company that develops a wide variety of games (hence the name!) that all have one thing in common: they are all meant to bring people together to have a ton of FUN!  The company is a collaborative project that was officially founded in 2014 by the incredibly handsome (and humble) trio Matt, Derek and Danny.

Our Mission

In a time where personal interaction has largely been replaced by constant impersonal sessions with digital screens, we feel it more important than ever to bring people together. Games are a medium lovingly made to bring humanity back into our lives.  After all, it was supposedly Plato who once said:

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

The first game to be published is “Don’t Be a Loser!” and is scheduled to be released on Kickstarter in September 2014.  It’s a perfect party game guaranteed to entertain and amuse both the hardcore gamer and the mild enthusiast alike.  Click here to learn more about Don’t Be a Loser and all the shenanigans it entails.

The Team

Derek Zimmermann – Chief Executive Officer

Derek was born a serious nerd and will die (happily) with game pieces in his clenched, upright paw.  He’s a software engineer by trade, but his entrepreneurial spirit kept him moving along while always trying to bring new ideas to existence with the primary goal of having fun and enjoying life.  It was only a matter of time before he, with his best friends and business partners, would come to the conclusion that their true passion was bringing people together to create laughs, smiles, stunning victories and inglorious defeats. The games must go on!

Matt Leitz – Chief Creative Officer

Matt is somewhat of a start-up junkie.  You’d never know it, given the fact that he works 60 hours a week, but he really does like to have fun as well.  That’s why he partnered with his good buddies to start All Over the Board Games.  Matt’s serious bio talks all about how he’s built multi-million dollar businesses and is an expert in a bunch of serious sounding stuff, but above all else, he’s just happy to be doing something that brings people together to smile.

Daniel Nareau – Chief Operating Officer

Danny is a tinkerer by nature.  Whether it’s dabbling in board game design and writing stories or revamping major shipping operations he loves to get in there and mess with all the moving parts!  He’s been doing all of those things for a long time and now he’s excited he can do those things with his best friends and business partners!  Not only that, but he’s happy he can do it an industry he loves and cherishes – the tabletop biz!  He can’t wait to meet all of you guys and gals on the hobby floors so shop can be talked and merriment had.  He also knows that winter is coming.  It is known.

Andrew Mayfield – Media Director

Andrew is a human who believes in extraterrestrials and not in ghosts. He wears a beard often. He does not sleep enough. Coffee is a staple of his diet. Those last two bit might be directly related. Andrew enjoys writing, particularly the odd and the macabre. He is excited about creating / writing / playing games. Especially some weird ones. The end.